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Crafting content that helps businesses to achieve more with video. My approach combines research, design, communications, and creativity based on my experience in the arts and social media marketing. ( YouTube, Istagram, TiKtok ) 


SenArts concentrates on the development of highly crafted media production services.



These include: product commercials, promotional videos, interviews & testimonials, real estate, landscape videography, vlogs, YouTube 


Our services include concept development, 

pre-production, filming, and post-production.

The Perfect Watch for Tony Stark? - AP Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-Thin

The Perfect Watch for Tony Stark? - AP Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-Thin

Try walking into an Audemars Piguet boutique and asking for one of these Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-Thin models. Just try it and if you do, I wish you good luck! After we miraculously got our hands on three of these models, including two of the newer sunburst “Evolutive” dial versions (one in 18-cart pink gold and one in hammered white gold), we began our YouTube scavenger hunt for videos on these pieces. While we found some that featured the prior version with the watch, the one with the Petite Tapisserie (“checkerboard”) dial (like the stainless steel version reference 26510ST.OO.1220ST.01), there was nothing about the sunburst versions. That's when we knew that we had to make this review video. People just needed to witness the breathtaking and macro footage of these amazing, 8.95-mm-thin pieces of horology! The calibre 2924 movement of Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin tourbillons consists of 216 parts and 25 jewels and beats at 3 oscillations per second or 21,600 vibrations per hour. On the video, you'll get to witness it through the 6 o'clock opening housing the tourbillon on the dial side, as well as through a dazzling, clear caseback. There you'll also find the 70-hour power reserve indicator, which you'll see in action when we wind the watch near the middle of the video. Some critics might argue that because a tourbillon is not really more precise than well-constructed, mechanical watch, there is no point in buying a extravagant piece like the Extra-Thins on our video. And the reality is that they're technically right! Tourbillons just don't offer connoisseurs the same relative benefits they did in Louis Breguet's pocket watch days, over 200 years ago. But when you come to think about it, does that even matter? Not for these pieces in the slightest! Take the $250,000 white gold version of the watch (reference number 26520BC.GG.1224BC.01), the one that's limited to 5 pieces on the planet. They're so sold out that you may have to sacrifice your first born if you even want to get within 10 feet of one! And how about the rose gold Extra-Thin version of the tourbillon? They're sold out too. Yup, collectors don't seem to care that these tourbillons no longer serve a practical purpose in our high-tech world! 00:09 Rose Gold (ref. #26522OR.OO.1220OR.01) and White Gold Extra-Thin Tourbillons 01:25 Brief History of the Tourbillon (going back to 1801) 02:27 Calibre 2924 Movement & Power Reserve 03:17 The Regular Royal Oak vs the Tourbillon – Which is Better? 05:45 Price & Limited Availability of the Royal Oak Tourbillon What are your thoughts on the AP Tourbillon Extra-Thin? Would you consider this a worthy Holy Grail watch? Let us know in a comment below, as well as what other luxury watch models you would like us to feature on our videos. Follow our channel and join our quest to 1M subscribers! Also here are some helpful links to our social pages and important section of our website: 🔽🔽🔽 Instagram (where we post a lot of daily watch deals): Sell your watches here:
How much Gold is ACTUALLY in a "Solid Gold" Rolex?

How much Gold is ACTUALLY in a "Solid Gold" Rolex?

You'd be surprised how much gold a gold luxury watch contains! But don't take our word for it. See how we take a popular gold Rolex apart and find out its exact gold content by weight. The watch we used in this picture is the yellow gold Rolex Day-Date 40, reference number 228238, which is going for around $39,000 in the market as of the day this video was recorded (on 10/8/2020). Typically, the difference in price between similar stainless steel and gold models of a specific watch brand is significant. Some people think that the price difference is due to the value of gold, but is it really? I mean, the watch movement is not made out of gold, since both gold and stainless timepieces of the same model/brand have the same movements. What's different are the other parts, like the case, bracelet, etc. So we set out to take the watch apart and weigh those parts, then calculate their total value based on the market price of gold, which was around $1,900 a troy ounce (or $61 a gram) on the day we recorded the video footage. On the video, you'll see our preferred watchmaker, Yuri Lopez from Chrono Sky (Instagram link below), take the watch apart and set each gold piece on a calibrated scale. What interesting thing to mention is that during the last 20 year period, from 2000 to 2020, gold outperformed the US stock market (S&P 500) by a pretty wide margin, making an investment in gold during that same period worth 7 times the initial amount! On a side note, gold luxury watches, whether for men or women, are made in 18K gold, which is 75% gold by weight. On the video, we also compare the gold weight of the watch to a 24K chunk of gold. After you watch the video, comment how close was your guess...what percentage of the gold watch's price was due to the dollar value of its gold content? Happy Guessing! Also here are some helpful links to our social pages and important section of our website: 🔽🔽🔽 Instagram (where we post a lot of daily watch deals): Request custom jewelry here: Sell your gold here: Chrono Sky Website
Diamonds...REAL vs FAKE!

Diamonds...REAL vs FAKE!

Can you tell a real diamond from fake one? Watch us burn a diamond to see if it’s real or fake. That’s 1 out of the 5 tests we’ll be conducting in this video. To order diamonds, visit: Real diamonds are amazing minerals. To make them, we’ll need to travel almost 100 miles deep into the Earth and experience extreme pressures and scorching 1000-degree C temperatures...for billions of years! That’s how special diamonds are..But in the world we live in, sometimes it’s a challenge not to get scammed with a fake diamond (aka diamond simulant). Cubic zirconias (CZs) and moissanite stones are some of the “fakes” that constantly duking it out against our natural gemstones. We’ll show you how a 1-carat diamond fares on certain tests against CZs and moissanites, as well as some of its amazing properties. This information can be invaluable to you when buying a diamond, as it’ll help you avoid making mistakes ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars! Here are the different tests conducted in the video: 00:24 The Water Test - Tests a diamond's relative density to other minerals. 01:20 The Scratch Test - Tests a diamond's hardness. 02:36 The Newspaper Test - Tests a diamond's ability to refract light. 03:24 The Flame Test - Tests a diamond's ability to withstand high temperatures. 05:24 Conductivity Tests - Tests a diamonds conductivity vs a moissanite. 06:25 Bonus Tests - You gotta see this one! There's no other way! Let us know what you think of real vs fake diamond tests. Leave us a comment below! Also here are some helpful links to our social pages and important section of our website: 🔽🔽🔽 Instagram (where we post a lot of daily watch deals): Sell Your Watch Here: Configure Your Gold Chain Here: Diamond Images USA Instagram: Gaston Rives (Jeweler):
Making a $100,000 Diamond Ring – YES, from DUST!

Making a $100,000 Diamond Ring – YES, from DUST!

It all starts with dust...then the fusing of gold and platinum. This adds another level of complexity to the ring making process, especially when the ring is made by hand! Watch Master Jeweler Gaston Rives forge this elegant, mixed-metal engagement ring by hand for a bridge in the Poland. The weight of the oval shaped diamonds used for this three-stone ring were 4.01 cts (center stone), and 0.90 and 0.91 cts side stones. To request a wedding ring like this or any other piece of handmade, custom jewelry, please click on the link below: Mixed-Metal Ring Specifications Metal 1: Pt900 platinum (90% platinum / 10% iridium alloy) Metal 2: 18k Yellow Gold Center Stone: 4.01 carats (oval diamond) Side Stones: 0.90 and 0.91 carats (oval diamonds). Price: $100,000 Here are the different sections of the video: 00:01 Melting the dust. 00:27 Platinum nugget used to make all the platinum sections of the ring. 01:18 Weighing the 3 stones. 01:32 Working on the three baskets for the diamonds. 02:44 Welding the baskets together and cutting the metal piece to make the under gallery. 03:15 Working on the shank using a ring mandrel, hammer, and annealing. 04:01 Welding the parts of the ring together (gallery, shank, and under gallery). 04:43 Working on the hearts to decorate the under gallery. 05:49 Cutting, filing, and welding the 12 prongs to the ring. 06:48 Detaching platinum shank from ring to be replaced by 18k yellow gold shank. 07:17 Melting gold to make final shank, then forging and welding shank to platinum gallery. 08:46 Attaching the diamonds to the three-stone ring. 08:31 Bending the prongs to secure the stones, then filing down the prongs. 09:27 The finished ring. Please like, comment, and subscribe and help us in our quest to reach 1 million subs in 2021! Here are some helpful links: 🔽🔽🔽 Instagram (where we post a lot of daily watch deals): Gaston Rives Instagram: Sell Your Watch Here: For diamonds and other stones: Sponsor or Get Featured on One of Our Videos: Configure Your Gold Chain Here:
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